Ground Breakers since 1967!

Ground Breakers since 1967!

The City of Vaughan is a community on the rise and the Greenpark Group is a major part of this incredible growth.

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Posted by Greenpark on November 23 / 2018

The vision for Vaughan, according to Lino Pellicano Greenpark’s Vice President of High Rise, is nothing short of revolutionary. The incredible influx of development in the surrounding area is unprecedented and much of it begins with the expansion of the Toronto subway line. “Once all channels of transit are available such as they are in Vaughan right now, people follow, businesses follow and the urban lifestyle takes shape” says Mr. Pellicano.

Greenpark, as it has often done for the past 50 years, is leading the charge in Vaughan’s transformation with the release of its master-planned development Charisma Condominium located on Jane Street beside the world-renowned Vaughan Mills Mall. At 5 towers and over 1100 residential units, Charisma is a special project for the Greenpark brand as it is poised to set the standard for high-rise living for so many Vaughan residents.

The first two towers launched late last year and earlier this year respectively and both were exceptionally well-received by the community with both towers selling old out in a matter of months. Much to the delight of all purchasers, the project itself has officially broken ground just this past month. According to Mr. Pellicano, this success was not unexpected. “Greenpark has been a big part of Vaughan’s history with over 20,000 residential units built, countless commercial developments and ongoing philanthropic contributions - you could say we have helped shape this entire city”.

Beyond these powerful shared roots, the Charisma project itself captured the imagination of the Vaughan public and beyond. Mr. Pellicano proudly points to the lofty aims of this project to account for the public’s response. “The vision for this project was to create a pedestrian oriented development which focused on community-based design and incorporated distinct architectural themes – basically, we wanted to create an exceptional urban community”, states Mr. Pellicano, “while offering a lifestyle to its residents that catered to their needs – transit, shopping and entertainment”. This lifestyle is complimented by an abundance of interior amenities that will present residents and their guests with endless options for entertainment, relaxation and celebration. From its Rooftop Skyview Terrace, to its outdoor pool, to its 8th floor garden terrace oasis and indoor Bocce Courts, Charisma is designed to welcome and engage its residents like no building before it.

Mr. Pellicano believes that this year’s positive results firmly reinforce Greenpark’s long standing position as one of Vaughan’s and one of Canada’s elite builders. With the release of the next two towers set for early 2019, Mr. Pellicano is confident that the success that accompanied the first release will only grow. It is less about market predictions and more about us. There is no real secret says Mr. Pellicano, “When you have the audacity to do what you say and say what you do for over 50 years, you build trust and trust is an important factor in every success story”.