Keeping Up with the Must Have Garden Trends

Keeping Up with the Must Have Garden Trends

Summer is quickly approaching and there are high hopes for a sunshine filled season. Greenpark Group knows how important it is to have your backyard looking its finest, especially during the summer months. Having a beautifully landscaped front and back yard makes for enjoyable summer nights with friends and family. We have gathered a list of suggestions to help keep your backyard looking its best.

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Posted by Greenpark on June 12 / 2019

Growing your own garden

Starting your garden does not require a great deal of space. Regardless of the size of your garden, your fruits, vegetables and herbs can be grown in wall planters, patio containers or simply a leveled area of soil. When picking the location of your garden, it is crucial to consider the amount of sun exposure in that area. If you plan on keeping your garden throughout the winter, having a heated greenhouse in your backyard is essential to keep the temperature consistent for the plants. Lastly the quality and types of plants you want in your garden. Annuals are great as they are versatile for the season. Perennials come back every year making a beautiful staple piece for your outdoor space.

Interior meets Exterior

This summer, the outdoor lounge is more popular than ever. An outdoor lounge is almost like having a living room outside. Decorating your patio area with exterior sofas, coffee tables, cushions and rugs will bring the indoor vibe, out. Great accent pieces such as fountains, bird baths, statues and solar power lights helps accessorize your outdoor space. Spruce up your lounge with your favourite colours and trends.

Bold Colours for Bold Flowers

Vibrant, bold colours is what many gardeners want to see in their garden this summer. People are now gravitating towards standout colours like orange, red and yellow, known as jewel colours. The flower of choice this season is the hydrangea. This round flower creates a fuller looking garden. The hydrangea is easy to maintain and lasts all throughout the summer. Also experiment with roses, geraniums and lilies to give your garden an extra special touch.

Experimenting with Wood

Charred wood is rising in popularity this summer with it being seen more often in garden trends. Adding different textures within your garden works best with blending jewel-like colours. Rough woods such as shou-sugi-ban is a wood trend that can be experimented with in your garden.

The Porch

The front of your yard should be just as outstanding as the back, considering most people will see your porch and not necessarily your backyard. Adding chairs with coloured cushions, vibrant flowers or a “welcome” mat will bring an inviting presence to your home.

Embrace decorating your garden with the newest trends that are on the rise this summer. Rejuvenating your backyard is a project that you can enjoy by adding your own sense of style.

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