Tips for a Better Work-From-Home Experience

Tips for a Better Work-From-Home Experience

Right now, many of us are working remotely from home for the first time. Like anything new, there can be challenges to overcome when adjusting to a work-from-home routine. We have put together a list of tips and tricks to help you make the best of this new situation.

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Posted by Greenpark on April 7 / 2020

Make a morning routine

Having a solid morning routine is important regardless of where you’re working, but it’s especially important if you’re working from home. Maybe you start with a cup of coffee and a good breakfast, or maybe you prefer to stretch and take a hot shower - no matter what it is, your morning routine will help put you in the right mindset to get started with your day. It will act like a signal for your brain that tells you it’s time to buckle down and be productive, regardless of the environment you’re in.

Dress for success

Before you log on for the day, make sure you change out of your pajamas and into something that makes you feel good. Staying in your PJs all day can make you feel sluggish and tired, which won’t be helpful for productivity. You don’t have to put on your best suit to tackle the day from home, but putting on a different outfit can help get you ready for the day ahead.

Have a dedicated workspace

Creating a dedicated workspace will help increase productivity while you’re working because it will help to eliminate unnecessary distractions. Fill your space with things that keep your spirits up like plants, photos or music. Like your morning routine, having a dedicated place to work will help flip that switch in your brain that means it’s time to start working. If possible, try to use comfortable furniture in your workspace so that you don’t end up with back pain.

Create a schedule/set work hours

When working from home, a schedule is one of the best ways to help stay on track. It will help you create clear guidelines for yourself in regards to when your day starts, and when it’s time to wrap up. Scheduling breaks will also help provide you with benchmarks throughout the day so that you can set goals for yourself - for example, “I will complete a certain task by my first break, and the next before lunch.” Structure and organization are key to productivity, and both will be more easily achieved by making a schedule.

Make sure you have everything you need

Before you start the workday, take the time to ensure that you have everything you need at your workspace - a bottle of water, a light snack, your technology, etc. Every time you have to venture into another room to get something, you open yourself up to the possibility of being distracted. Instead, try your best to bring everything you need with you before you get started.

Allow yourself to take breaks

Regardless of where you’re working, it is always a good idea to allow yourself the time to take breaks. Give yourself the opportunity to step away from what you’re doing for a few minutes and focus your attention elsewhere. Call a friend for a few minutes, do some gentle stretches or maybe make a snack! Breaks give you the chance to reset and refresh so that your mind is sharp when you start working again. The most important thing is that during your breaks, you truly step away from what you’re doing. Take breaks in their entirety and don’t continue to answer emails from your phone unless it’s an absolute emergency - they’ll be there when you return.

Stay connected with your coworkers

Remember that your coworkers are in the same boat as you. Stay connected with them via apps like Slack, Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts or other workplace productivity services. These platforms are fantastic for meetings when you’re working from home, or even just to catch up on what’s going on in everyone’s day-to-day.

Disconnect at the end of the day

When working from home, it can be easy to let your work life seep into your home life. To maintain a healthy work-life balance, disconnecting at the end of the day is crucial. Rather than bringing your work computer into the living room with you while you’re watching a movie with the family, leave it where it is and remind yourself that you can come back to it tomorrow.

The number one thing to remember when working from home is to stay positive! We’re looking forward to being able to connect with everyone face-to-face, but until then, stay up-to-date with everything that’s going on at Greenpark Group by registering here.

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