Mayfield Village

Live & Play. Closer.

Introducing Mayfield Village by Greenpark - a precisely planned Brampton community where quality and craftsmanship of luxuriously designed Townhomes, Semis, 38’ and 45’ Singles intertwine with convenience and a location that provide unparalleled amenities. The Greenpark standard of excellence goes into every aspect of a house – from brick and mortar, to features and finishes. Anything you desire is steps away from Mayfield Village - a place you will be delighted to live and play in.

Love Your Community. Love Your Home.

When you live where you love, everything else falls into place. Mayfield Village is located at Mayfield Road and Dixie Road, and can be appreciated for its abundance of amenities. While your home is the hub of activity and a place of relaxation, having your fingertips on the pulse of the community, is equally rewarding. Engage in your community, get to know the people and build relationships. The heart of your home is family - the heart of the community is people like you.

Work & Shop. Closer.

The future of Mayfield Village is bright and prosperous. Amenities include countless dining opportunities as well as schools, popular big box retailers as well as green spaces, and major transportation routes like the 410 and the 407 - shopping, entertainment and commuting made easy! Brampton offers its own independent library, Civic Centre, the Rose Theatre, art galleries and the Brampton Civic Hospital to mention a few. All of this and more, awaits you in beautiful Mayfield Village.

Status: Past / Available Product: Towns, Semis, Singles / Location: Brampton