Q&A’s Regarding COVID-19

Will my home be delayed because of COVID-19?

The builder is in the process of sending out notices to our purchasers, example attached. At this time the builder is not able to determine the length of the delay, if any. If you have further questions about the unavoidable delay provisions please visit the Tarion website at www.tarion.com.


Unavoidable Delay Event Has Occurred

The terms of your Purchase Agreement (see the Addendum) permit the Vendor to extend the date of closing and other critical dates in certain circumstances, including where there has been an event and/or loss of construction time which amounts to an “Unavoidable Delay.”

Please note that:

1. An “Unavoidable Delay” event has occurred which may delay completion of your home. The specific “Unavoidable Delay” trigger event is as follows: COVID-19 Pandemic.

2. The Pandemic was declared on the 11th day of March, 2020. It may affect timing of delivery of your home as a result of the lack of trades and municipal government closures.

3. It is possible that the pandemic may affect the completion and/or delivery schedule of the above-noted home.

4. You should be aware that the delay in completion of your home will include the combination of two (2) periods of time. The total delay will include both:

1. The period of time for direct impacts of the pandemic; but also,

2. Any additional period of delay due to after-effects caused by the pandemic which are beyond the vendor‘s reasonable control (the “Remobilization Period”).

5. It is difficult at this stage to be certain if or how long the total delays may be and thus how the construction schedule for your Home will be affected.

6. As more information becomes available, we will keep you informed of developments.

For further information regarding the delay, please visit www.tarion.com.

*An “Unavoidable Delay” means a strike, fire, explosion, flood, act of God, civil insurrection, act of war, act of terrorism or pandemic, plus any period of delay directly caused by the event, which is beyond the reasonable control of the builder and is not caused or contributed to by the fault of the builder.