2019’s Most Popular Paint Colours for Your Home!

2019’s Most Popular Paint Colours for Your Home!

New year, new walls! Greenpark Group is all about transformation. An easy way to spruce up your home’s interior this year is by simply giving it a fresh coat of paint. As luck would have it, 2019 brings with it a new palette of trending paint colours that will freshen up your home and keep it on trend. Continue reading to discover some of this year’s most popular.

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Posted by Greenpark on January 22 / 2019

Living Coral - Chosen as Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2019, this bold hue is the perfect combination of pink and orange. If you’d like to use the same colour throughout the room, it’s best to use a lighter, muted shade. You can also create an accent wall using a coral shade that is bold and bright! These are two fun ways to liven up your home!

Hazelnut - This warm and inviting creamy shade is easy on the eyes. Its neutral complexion doesn’t clash with other colours or décor in the room.

Dark Green - This entrancing shade transforms your space into an elegant oasis by emulating the feeling of lush botanicals and the natural outdoors.

Muted Pastels - These zesty hues bring the bright spirit of Miami into your home. A great alternative to simple beiges and browns, these muted pastels will infuse your room with new personality.

New Blues - This category includes charcoal blue, ice blue, and grey-blue shades. These are all very subtle and calming, they bring a sense of serenity to any room. Great for bedrooms, bathrooms and children’s rooms.

Mustard - Mustard shades double as a version of gold. They give your room a bright, rich ambiance, instantly making it more inviting. Since this colour tends to attract attention, it is best to be used on an accent wall as opposed to all walls in your room.

Mist - These shades come from a blend of muted pastel blues and greens with grey and lilac undertones. This colour trend is more of a blank canvas for a wide variety of rooms. It is a more interesting choice than the standard beige or white, and it tends to easily cover wall blemishes.

Mushroom - This neutral mixture of light grey and light brown is timeless and elegant, not to mention it’s gender neutral, perfect for a nursery/child’s room. This shade also looks great when paired with natural furnishings like wood and stone pieces.

Pewter - Listed as one of the best paint colours of 2019, pewter is a rich alternative to white and matches well with many other colours. This is a great tone to incorporate throughout your whole home.

This year, dress up every wall in your house, whether it’s a subtle misty hue or a vibrant mustard, take advantage of some of 2019’s most popular paint colours and transform your space! There is something extremely special about owning a new home and making it all your own. Visit our website to explore our new and upcoming communities!