Celebrating 50 Years of Building Trust

Celebrating 50 Years
of Building Trust

It all started with three business partners meeting around a bridge table in a basement, constructing nine homes in their first two years of operation as a small residential builder. Today, Greenpark Group has more than 72,000 homes and condos to its name and is celebrating 50 years in business as one of Canada’s most storied builders.

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Posted by Greenpark on May 4 / 2017

What’s the secret behind the company’s long-standing success? An enduring commitment to integrity, loyalty and hard work, along with a collective drive to always take the business to new heights even when it means going against the grain, says Carlo Baldassarra, one of the three founding partners.

“From day one, we wanted to grow,” fondly recalls Baldassarra, who was joined by co-founders Jack Wine and Philip Rechtsman. “That was our idea, to do a little better, to work a little bit harder.”

Together, the three businessmen pushed the boundaries of common practice to achieve incredible success as both a builder and good corporate citizen. From the start, their collective vision was to deliver homes that make an impactful impression, inside and out.

Unlike others at the time, Greenpark built homes that were the first to feature all brick exteriors and grand entrance hallways highlighted by a circular staircase.

The idea, says Baldassarra, was that a Greenpark home should instill a sense of pride and confidence. “It wasn’t simply a matter of finding the simplest form and design. It was about building homes that would stand the test of time and that people would be proud to live in,” he says.

Greenpark’s unique approach to building is mirrored by an equally novel tactic for establishing dependable industry partners. Early on, the company’s various trade partners were given the opportunity and mandate to keep pace with its substantial growth, and eventually Greenpark created its own development division - another departure from the norm that proved to be a huge success by eliminating the possibility of shortage or stoppage.

“We made it clear where we were heading and what needed to be done. Those who stepped up got the chance to grow alongside us,” says Baldassarra.

Not only did the technique create a deep sense of loyalty, it also helped the company to sustain a trusted and reliable workforce that is still largely in place today, allowing Greenpark Group to continue to deliver on its promise of “a better home in a timely and efficient manner.”

Even as one of Canada’s largest builders, Greenpark Group remains committed to its unwavering drive to expand. In line with this, the company launched its highrise division in 2002 - an uncommon move for a lowrise builder, but perfectly in tune with the Greenpark tradition of pushing the envelope.

Since launching this highrise division there have been several successful GTA projects built and the company is positioned for considerable future growth in this sector.

What’s next for a company that prides itself on going against the grain? In 2013, Greenpark Group took its expertise across the Atlantic to launch Greenpark Costruzioni in Italy.

In just four short years it has built more than 100 units and is working to develop 20 additional projects throughout Rome.

“After five decades of determination and hard work, the future of the Greenpark Group has never been brighter,” says Baldasarra, who remains at the company’s helm. “My children and grandchildren - the next generation, have all been taught the same three simple tenants that started our story: integrity, loyalty and hard work.”

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